MozTour @ AMA Biñan!

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MozillaPH was invited a year ago by the Philippine I.T. Juniors organization to be part of the 1st ever I.T. Convention in Laguna.  That event led me to be part of the MozillaPH family and became the start of the AMA Biñan Firefox Student Ambassadors Club.

MozTour @ AMA Biñan was the first event of MozillaPH at the AMA Biñan Campus since this club was born. The event was then partnered again by the Philippine I.T. Juniors organizations which is the organization I am in. This was also the first event that I am the one who is in charge.


At 9:00 A.M. in the morning, an opening prayer led by Mr. Cristian Edel started the event. Following the opening prayer is the introduction of our first speaker, to discuss about Mozilla in the Philippines and Firefox OS, Mr. Robert Reyes. He discussed about the Mozilla’s Mission, Mozilla Philippines Community, and had introduced the Firefox OS to the students of AMA Biñan.

Sir Bob Reyes showing a Firefox OS phone, the Peak Revolution


After that talk from Sir Bob Reyes, our next speaker, to discuss about Mozilla’s Webmaker, Mr. Kemuel Domanog was introduced. Sir Kemuel discussed about Thimble, Popcorn Maker, Xray Goggles and shown some examples on how to use those tools.

Our next speaker, Mr. Joshua Rubin, talked about the Firefox Student Ambassadors or known as FSA. He discussed on what can we, as students, can do to contribute to the Mozilla’s Mission.

Then comes our last speaker, the newly graduated, Ms. Kristina Verbo. She talked about the Women and Mozilla, also known as WoMoz. She discussed how women can also contribute to the Mozilla’s Mission.


MozTour @ AMA Biñan Group Picture
Some of the MozTour attendees


Overall, the event turned out to be successful! 15 new Firefox Student Ambassadors were added to the AMA Biñan Firefox Student Ambassadors Club!

I, in behalf of the Philippine I.T. organization, would like to thank the MozillaPH and to everyone that made this event possible!


Giovanni Joseph M. Legasto

AMA Biñan Firefox Student Ambassador Leader


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